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About Life Coaching
COACHING/COUNSELING  WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Both Counseling and Coaching deal with the same thing: GOAL ATTAINMENT. The methods used to achieve those goals are, however, different: Counseling involves listening to client concerns, and then offering advice, suggestions for problem resolution - even a list of dos and don'ts for the client to follow. In a Job Search/Career Change setting, it is a great way to navigate these areas. It is goal attainment-a new job or successful career change. The Counselor works hand-in-hand with the client by strategizing plans and techniques to effect a change-employment, career change, or situational issues. Coaching is a different way of attaining a goal. Every sports fan knows that the job of the Coach is NOT to actually go out on the field and participate with the team or individual athlete to be victorious (their goal of a win, high score, medal, etc.), but rather to empower the athlete(s) to achieve their goal while making certain they stay on-task and focused, and encouraged. And Life Coaching allows the client to envision a goal or dream, while keeping them on-track to achieve the desired result! The client is empowered to steer their Life in a positive direction-achieving goals while becoming more confident in dealing with Life and its challenges!