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Career Conversion System (CCS)
Are you: 1. Stuck in a rut at work? 2. Looking to do something different-but you don't know where or how to begin? 3. Thinking of completely changing your career? 4. Trying to find more satisfying/fulfilling employment? 5. Thinking of starting your own business but concerned about taking that first step? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, we have a solution! Counseling & Outplacement Group, LLC (COG) has an exciting new option that allows you to test the waters of changing careers by helping you focus on what you need to do-start a job search, assessing your strengths, going back to school, networking with appropriate contacts, or looking into new business start-ups or franchise opportunities-things that will allow you to intelligently weigh your options BEFORE you just quit your present job and take a leap of faith into uncharted waters.   With COG's Career Conversion System (CCS), you can bundle a number of activities that will help you see if the timing is right, what options are viable, and what type of effort- money, time, and skill enhancement-it will take for you to be successful! "Success" is not just about money-it is also about being satisfied with what you do for a living. Most people HAVE to work-why not have a situation where your employment isn't WORK, but a PASSION, CALLING or a BLESSING-something you love to do! And just think how much more satisfying it would be if your new position was something you couldn't wait to do every day! CCS has a number of packages available that will allow you, from the comfort of your home (and without jeopardizing your current work status), to explore the necessary options that could affect the rest of your working life. Going down Life's road, your future is right ahead of you-why not enjoy the ride? COG-Gearing Up To Help You!
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