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Career Conversion Packages
EXPLORER Appropriate assessments for skills, aptitudes, and identifying strengths and weaknesses Three hours of personal counseling to interpret results of assessments, strategize a game plan for success, and address concerns or obstacles Complete revision of current resume (or creation of new document) that reflects the new career path and objective Networking skills, Informational Interviewing techniques, and strategies to launch the new career direction-or to explore the new career before making a decision Assistance in connecting with appropriate Recruiters/agencies to expedite job search (if desired) Follow up contacts for one year after completion of the program, to assess progress and alter direction, if needed. $500
TURISTA General discussion of strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, and possible areas of interest for career change Two hours of personal counseling in techniques, skills, and direction to allow the client to pursue this avenue at a more methodical pace (ideal where the current job is very demanding or time-consuming). Review of current resume (or providing template to create new document). $300
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