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Craig Pelnar - Senior Counselor
With over 40 years of experience, Craig Pelnar brings a vast array of competencies to deal with Life's concerns. As a Human Resources generalist for a Milwaukee manufacturer for over 16 years, and an Outplacement Counselor for over 20 years for one of the largest Management Associations in the USA, Craig possesses a vast array of talents, techniques, and strategies to assist in solving Life's problems. Practical, compassionate, and real, Craig's personality lends itself to a diverse population.  There are no hidden agendas with him - the phrase "what you see is what you get" certainly applies. Working with Craig, clients become better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them - he's here to help! A native of Milwaukee, Craig has a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.  He has attended numerous workshops, seminars, and other instructional resources to maintain a current, cutting edge set of skills. He's also spoken on many occasions on a variety of topics.  His natural style, humor, and compassion endear him to audiences immediately.   At times he wears his heart on his sleeve, but in the type of business he's in, that's a good thing.  Always willing to share personal experiences with clients, Craig's down- to-earth approach works for those who are tired of the slick, one-size-fits-all counselors who look at clients as purely a source of revenue. Craig's style has developed, in part, based on his own Life experiences. He has been on both sides of the Employment fence. He has done many employment hires, from entry level to Executive. And he has also had to lay off, retire, and terminate individuals. He has experienced corporate downsizing twice, having lost both his Human Resources and Outplacement Counselor positions due to corporate restructuring / position elimination. So he knows what it's like to be the Hunter AND the Hunted. In fact, his first job loss enabled him to experience Outplacement firsthand as a client. He saw the value of this severance benefit, and eagerly accepted a position as an Outplacement Counselor as his next career when the opportunity became available-a decision he has never regretted. So Craig can give that "both sides of the fence" perspective to a job search, with real- life experiences to share. Craig is different.  He'll customize the sessions to make sense to the individual - not a canned, rigid program that may or may not be relevant. He is a counselor, coach, mentor, job-search expert, listening post, and relevant advice-giver.  COG is not, however, just an Army of One. In addition to our considerable expertise and connections in the job search arena, we also have access to many other resources for our clients to call upon, if needed. These are contacts with top-of-the-line resources to help you in more specific areas, be they job search related or just to solve a problem you have encountered.
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