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Employment Services
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT In a job search, and feeling ignored or overlooked? Don't have the support from family or friends to help you through a Life issue? Feeling alone and abandoned? COG can help! We provide encouragement and support-both technical and emotional- and are available to pump the air back into your tires if you spring a leak! We offer 24/7 availability, so we can talk to you after work or evenings and weekends- times when emotional support may be critical in your life.
GETTING / RESTORING        SELF-CONFIDENCE Do you feel backward about going forward?  Have you been dealt a crushing blow to your ego or confidence, and can't seem to get your swagger back? Are you unsure of your abilities or the confidence needed to successfully deal with Life or a job search? We can help! COG offers compassionate, sensitive counseling that will allow you to restore (or build) your confidence to a level where you can take on that job search or Life issue in a direct, yet comfortable fashion!