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DEVELOPING / IMPROVING COMMUNICATION SKILLS Know what you want to say or write-but   can't get it out of your mouth or your pen/keyboard? Do you feel that interviews are ordeals, where you tighten up and don't let the real you shine through? Are you unsure what type of correspondence is appropriate, and don't know where or when to send it? Terrified of face-to-face meetings in general? COG can help! We have many techniques to allow you to be your best at communicating with a potential employer, recruiter, or networking lead. We'll get your comfort level up, whether it involves live or written communications.
PRE & POST GRAD CONSULTING Congratulations, new grad! You have your diploma/degree/ certification that required a lot of your time and effort. But after the celebration, what's next? Do you have a job lined up? Have you tried to get interviews, only to be told that the company is looking for more experienced individuals (Question-how are you supposed to get that experience if no one will give you a chance to get that experience?).  We can help! By going through your strengths and preferences, we will design a game plan which will allow you to compete with the rest of the job seekers-even classmates! Only 5% of job seekers have professional resumes and job search guidance-why not take advantage of what COG has to offer? We are affordable and we get results!