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Onword & Upword
Proof Reading / Editing / Writing One of the most powerful ways to express one's opinions, feelings, status, or intentions is through the written word. But how many times have you seen poorly constructed articles, disjointed sentences, lack of content-and of course, TYPOS? Not everyone is good at writing or proofreading-are you one of them? Do you have trouble putting your thoughts on paper, having personal correspondence make sense, or getting that article to send the proper message? If so, COG's latest service, UPWORD, is for you! We can help you with anything that needs to be written, from creation to editing and proofreading. When in a job search, for example, everything has to be perfect-cover letters, thank you notes, and follow-up correspondence (remember-anything that you write is in direct competition with every other job candidate's correspondence). Why risk having a dull, typo-filled letter eliminate you from consideration for a job, when UPWORD will make sure your correspondence is relevant, error-free, and packing the correct attitude that says HIRE ME! We will work on your existing correspondence, or create the perfect document from scratch. Whether its hard-copy or electronic, even simple thank-you notes or email cover memos have to be perfect. In addition to job search or business-related correspondence, UPWORD can compose that special occasion message (Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, or Graduation) to make certain that the recipient gets the message. We can even write poetry or limericks on any topic you need-for a special way of saying whats on your mind or in your heart!  So-contact Counseling & Outplacement Group, LLC for more info on how you can make certain that what you send will be a reflection of you-and at a cost that won't break the bank!