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What is COG? Why should I utilize their services? Counseling & Outplacement Group, LLC (COG) was started with the idea of providing compassionate, relevant Outplacement counseling and related services (resume service, correspondence assistance, etc.) to those who had lost jobs, unhappy in their current job, or needing guidance in handling the different protocols (interviewing, follow-up, references, negotiations, etc.). We recently added Personal Life Coaching to our services, allowing us to address both employment AND personal issues. With this added dimension, COG is literally one- stop-shopping for those who want Life issues resolved. What is the difference between Counseling and Coaching? Both Counseling and Coaching deal with the same thing: GOAL ATTAINMENT. The methods used to achieve those goals are, however, different: Counseling involves listening to client concerns, and then offering advice, suggestions for problem resolution - even a list of dos and don'ts for the client to follow. In a Job Search/Career Change setting, it is a great way to navigate these areas. It is goal attainment-for a new job or successful career change. Coaching is a different way of attaining a goal. Every sports fan knows that the job of the Coach is NOT to actually go out on the field and participate with the team or individual athlete to be victorious (their goal of a win, high score, medal, etc.), but rather to empower the athlete(s) to achieve their goal while making certain they stay on- task and focused, and encouraged. The client is empowered to steer their Life in a positive direction-achieving goals through their own efforts, while becoming more confident in dealing with Life and its challenges! Isn't Outplacement Counseling and Life Coaching expensive? While there are fees for our services, COG prides itself on delivering the best value of any company. Our packages are routinely 40% to 50% less than our competition! And since we can deal with both Personal and Employment issues, you need to look no further than COG for answers! We also will work with what YOU can afford! We guarantee that you will see your money go farther with COG-we get terrific mileage out of every dollar! And remember-this is not a COST. It is an INVESTMENT-and our assistance will pay great dividends! What about confidentiality? I don't want the whole world knowing whats going on in my life! COG has an excellent reputation for keeping things confidential. With over 35 years in positions where confidentiality has been critical, we know how important the feeling of security and confidentiality is to our clients. We will never betray that trust! What are Craig Pelnar's credentials? Why should I use him? Craig Pelnar has been a Human Resources professional, an Outplacement Counselor, and a Personal Life Coach over a span of 38 years. He has been involved with the entire spectrum of corporate Employment-from hiring to terminating, economic downsizing to retiring employees-and also the appropriate Outplacement/Personal Counseling and Coaching for affected employees. And he has done it all with compassion and respect. He has also been the target of Corporate Restructuring-Position Elimination twice in his working career, so he knows firsthand what it feels like to be downsized. In fact, his last downsizing gave him the opportunity to start COG! And a long-standing, personal blessing-working as Youth Director for 7th -12th graders for his church, where their motto was RESPECT-GOD, OTHERS, SELF-enabled him to develop a common sense approach in dealing with adolescents by effectively addressing their issues and concerns. And he still lives by that credo today! What is Craig's style? Is he preachy, a by-the-book drill sergeant, or a taskmaster? Whether you are working with Craig in an employment/career change mode, or as a Personal Life Coach and addressing specific goals, certain benchmarks will be established. However-he is a kind, caring individual who wants EVERY client to succeed-and he's not afraid to show his human side to do it. He is a what-you-see-is- what you-get kind of person, who feels that everyone deserves respect and personalized treatment. He is a man of Faith, but will not try to convert you-unless you feel that you need to explore that area of your life. I don't live in Milwaukee. How can I be a client? No problem! Most of the counseling can be down by phone, email, or Skype. You will feel that Craig is right there with you-his personality comes through whatever medium is utilized. Many of his clients have been from out-of-state, and have been able to connect with Craig easily and confidently. I'm currently working, and can't meet during the work day. What do I do? This is a common problem, especially in the Career Change and Personal Life Coaching areas. Craig is available when YOU are-not the typical 9-to-5, weekends- excluded availability! He routinely sets up sessions with clients after work, weekends, or whenever it is convenient for THEM! He has always been able to find a time and method to communicate-he has even had clients who, based on their crazy work hours, routinely communicated with him via emails! They would send him a question/concern, and he would send a response back to them-which they would open whenever they had some spare time. My job is OK, but my Life needs changing-I'm just not sure what areas to address first. Can Craig help? Absolutely! With Personal Life Coaching, he will help you identify which areas in your life are in balance, and which one(s) may need some attention. Once you zero in on these areas, the process begins! I feel so alone. Nobody cares or seems to have the time for me. Life is not very exciting because I don't feel good about myself-but I don't want to (or can't) share this with my family. What do I do?  Sound familiar? While we all have had periods in our lives where we feel alone, many people have that feeling on a daily basis. Craig will help you find that silver lining in your situation, make you feel good about yourself, and get you to realize that EVERYONE has worth-we just need help sometimes to see it! I don't need a major overhaul-just a little tweaking here and there, to smooth out a few speed bumps in my life. Can Craig help me? Two things: 1) There is no minimum or maximum as to the length of a program through COG; and 2) Some clients are on what we call a Maintenance program-they check in with Craig on a regular basis for recharging their batteries, or addressing new concerns or issues. OK-I'm convinced! I want to use COG and Craig's expertise-what’s next? The best way to get started is to contact Craig at craig@cogllc.biz, and let him know where you feel you need assistance (if you aren't certain what you need, he can help you identify appropriate areas). Or call him at (414) 774-8315 to hear what COG can do to help YOU!