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Life Coaching Program Structure
The Initial Life Coaching process involves a focused set of meetings (either in-person or by phone) where an assessment of the client's situation and targets and goals are identified and prioritized. Through a series of structured exercises, the client identifies which goal(s) should be dealt with first. A plan to achieve each goal is developed, with a series of contacts to assess progress, eliminate barriers, and to celebrate success! Within a matter of weeks, the client will feel a more positive attitude, and have the mindset that their goal(s) are attainable and within their grasp! The entire procedure revolves around a POSITIVE, forward-looking process-I will accompany the client every step of the way! Meetings are held at the client's convenience-after work, weekends, and at an appropriate time. With today's economy, the natural question is How much will this cost?  First and foremost, the fees should not be looked at as a cost  but as an INVESTMENT IN ONE'S FUTURE SUCCESS! An outlay of funds in this area will empower a client to develop life-changing habits, and will be invaluable in their dealing with Life and all of its challenges! The answer to fees in Personal Life Coaching is twofold: the initial cost is for (approximately) a four week, concentrated engaging of the process. After that, a monthly progress/maintenance fee may be assessed for as many months as the client feels is necessary, to ensure that they are on-track and making strides toward goal achievement.   With Counseling & Outplacement Group, LLC, we put the TLC into PLC (Personal Life Coaching)! PRICING FORMAL PLC PROGRAM: $350 to $500 for first month, depending on program complexity. Follow- up/maintenance meetings would be charged at $50 per hour with a suggested twice- a-month minimum. INFORMAL PLC PROGRAM: Session rate of $50 to $100 per hour, depending on topics addressed and complexity of personal situation. Minimum of once-a-month session recommended. NOTE: Employment issues (job search/career change) can be integrated into either program, depending on goals established and results desired.