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Outplacement Specialty Programs
There are times where the traditional counseling program just doesn't fit your particular set of circumstances. This is an area that COG has addressed. We have the ability to customize one of our standard programs, as well as offer some different approaches to providing a counseling solution that fits YOUR schedule or needs. For instance, we have THE NIGHT OWLS, a way for you to have the counseling you need, but at a time (after traditional office hours) that may be better for your schedule/lifestyle. $200 for 4 hours We also have THE BUDDY SYSTEM, a program where you and another person can have sessions together at a cost that is less than both of you having separate programs/sessions. It's perfect for teaming with a former co- worker/spouse/significant other needing the same assistance as you. It also provides a built-in support system. $150 per hour, minimum of three hours, no maximum Depending on interest, we can also arrange ROUNDTABLES, where you and other clients can meet face-to-face and discuss topics relevant to your job search, life situation, etc. These meetings have been extremely successful, and we have personally been involved in over 1000 of them over the years! Do you have a quick question, but don't want to burn up an hour of counseling time? Try our CASH IN YOUR CHIPS  program, where you purchase chips worth 15 minutes of counseling time per chip used. Use them whenever you want for that quick hit of advice/information. $25 per fifteen minute "chip" - minimum of 4 chips Or do you have someone who could benefit from counseling, but refuses to seek the help? Try our SUB PROGRAM. You meet with us to get the answers to questions/concerns, and take back the information to the reluctant individual. It's a great way to get help for someone who otherwise would never be able to move forward. $125 per hour, no minimum or maximum COUNSELING  -  DAY RATE $50 to $100 per hour (Depending on hours desired) With any of the above programs, you can also tap into the COG CONNECTION (CC). Simply put, the CC will assist you with finding resources to solve concerns that you may have directly related to your situation, or to just solve a problem that's been getting in your way. Financial advisors, insurance professionals, tax preparation, banking advisors, real estate assistance,  franchise experts, starting a new business know-how, reliable and honest auto mechanics, professional videography services, you name it-we can probably help you find a solution to your needs. These are just some of the options we have available, but we are certainly open to anything that will assist you. Contact us - let's put our heads together and see what can be done to help YOU.
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