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Are they really that good?  Can COG really help me?  From a company standpoint, can they deliver what my employees need?  Look at the following testimonials from both individual clients, as well as companies. You be the judge ... Your efforts and support meant a great deal to me. I have always enjoyed our sessions and I will always remember your kindness, hard work, and sense of humor. ~~~~~ You were a hit!...Many of the students came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed your talk. Your humor and sincere desire to send a positive message was received by all of us. ~~~~~ I feel very, very wounded and am progressing so very slowly.  I say these things knowing you are one of the few people who can totally understand. Thank you for that. ~~~~~ Thanks so much for your help and encouragement. I won't forget it! ~~~~~ An INFINITELY BIG HUGE THANKS to Craig who gave me 110% at all times, who kept me laughing nonstop, and who kept my self esteem up so high that I got my dream job even though I transferred into a totally different field! WOW ~~~~~ I decided there was someone who deserved a special Thank you - YOU!! You and I have given my search our very best effort. I can't imagine my going it alone - Thank You - it has been a pleasure! ~~~~~ Thanks so much for your help and direction as I look forward to my next career opportunity. Many thanks again for all of your good advice and encouragement. While I'm looking forward to my new position, I'll miss our weekly sessions. ~~~~~ Your support and friendship during my recent job search was sincerely appreciated. Thanks so much for all of your time and effort you gave me to help me find a job.  I just can't imagine what my job loss would've been like without being able to come and visit you! ... I really wanted you to know that you've helped-you've soothed-you've listened-you've corrected (gently)-I'm a better person for knowing you. ~~~~~ Thanks for your Godly counsel. God bless you. I will miss our Tuesday morning chat.