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The Next Step
Now that you've seen the areas where COG can assist you, the next step would be to contact us and talk about your needs. We are focused on your success, and will assist you in every possible way. In looking at our services, you may need a combination or a different mix of our traditional services. No problem! We pride ourselves on extreme flexibility, and are more than willing to design a customized bundle of services to meet your needs. Once you contact COG, we'll help you get your Life back in High Gear! YOUR SITUATION Everyone has situations in their Life that could be better. And because everyone's situation can have a unique perspective, we have listed a number of situations that may sound familiar: Lost a job and don't know where to start looking for a new one? Not sure where your Life is going? Self-confidence at an all-time low? Thinking of changing careers but don't know how to start or what to do? Looking at starting your own business? Do you have CPS? (Career Path Skid). Are you, a spouse/significant other, son or daughter, or friend at a point on the Career /Life Path where you have a degree/certification but can't seem to find the right job (or any job)? Or has there been a detour off the job search path, and nothing seems to be able to get you or them back on the road to employment? Looking at making a major change in your life, but lacking the support/understanding of family, spouse, or friends? Feeling generally lost, lacking direction, overwhelmed with your overall situation? They say things, good and bad, come in 3s-are things coming to you by the dozen? Kind of like the Domino Effect on steroids? Need help to organize and prioritize? Thinking of going back to school, but don't know where to begin and/or what            to go after? Does the thought of possibly relocating, for whatever reason, sound like both a good idea and a terrifying prospect at the same time? Having a hard time prioritizing your job search, issues, Life in general? Sick and tired of rejection? Feel that your skill sets are outdated? If you answered YES to any of these, we can help! COG offers a unique blend of practical, easy-to-follow techniques coupled with a true passion for you as a person, not a number. Whether it's simple or complex, we can set up a process to help you get back to where you want to be. And our programs can include a spouse, significant other, child, or support person who can also take advantage of our services. So-no matter what your situation, COG can be counted on to provide you with practical, yet compassionate solutions.